Creative Investment

You may want to own a piece of jewelry that you can’t buy anywhere. Project Global Power Diamond allows its clients a unique service. You can multiply your investment in diamonds, precious stones and gold by making jewelry to your liking. By transforming your initial investment in precious stones and metals, not only will you multiply its value, but you will get a unique piece of jewelry that nobody will see on the shelves of stone shops.

We can invest for a variety of reasons and things. We can invest in business, in real estate, in cars, in art, in commodities, in gold, in diamonds… everything depends on what we want to do with our money and for what purpose we use it. Precious metals and gemstones are considered to be a conservative investment, which means that it is stable, asset-preserving, profitable in the long run and highly profitable in times of crisis. Investing in precious stones is even considered an investment for joy. However, in addition to a sense of joy and satisfaction, the gem brings value that persists. It is not wasted and is liquid worldwide. Wherever you are in the world and have a diamond or a diamond ring, you can sell it for optimal value and bridge the crisis. But of course, no investment is made with this intention.

Today is a modern investment in gold. Gold and diamonds are a comparable commodity for many investors. Few, however, realize that a gram of diamond is several thousand times more expensive than a gram of gold. What rightly gives the diamond the attribute of the most concentrated investment. It is also related to the fact that it is the most portable investment instrument. Investing in diamonds is just as specific as the diamonds themselves are. We do not invest in diamonds for immediate profit. We invest in diamonds because we want to preserve our resources in a clean, rare, stable and valuable commodity that has not only an investment value but also artistic and emotional.

Once you deal with diamonds and know the charm of this commodity, it will bring you many other values in life in addition to financial benefits. Last but not least, it is also a lot of meetings with people of similar interest, which brings new and new possibilities to realize… This is how the acquisition of wealth is very different from various savings in banks or risk appreciation in the markets of stocks, commodities or currency pairs. But everyone can try it alone, just start…

The goal of Project Global Power Diamond is to show our clients how to easily acquire assets, how to capitalize on them and how to transform them into values that we have a long-term relationship with. It’s not just about buying small brilliants because you just don’t have the resources for more. Our goal is to reveal to people the ways in which diamonds can become the reality of their lives…

Project Global Power Diamond is ready to pass on its experience, knowledge and offers ways to achieve stable values. It is not a normal offer and has never been. If someone had such an opportunity, it was only because he was in these circles. Project Global Power Diamond gives you more options to become a part of it. One option is to regularly purchase small diamonds up to 0.5 ct, mounted in a gold plate of 18 ct gold. In this way you will become the owner of several pieces of diamonds over time. If you want to change these small stones for bigger ones. Project Global Power Diamond allows you to exchange them.

Another way to deal with these diamonds is to buy jewelry gold and make custom jewelry to make your stones much more valuable. This is what Project Global Power Diamond offers you. This step will increase your investment in diamonds and gold, minus their market price by at least 30%. You will be left with a piece of jewelry that can be part of your personality, or you can give it to your loved ones. The value of such diamond jewelry continues to grow, making your investment interesting.

Finally, if you decide to sell the stones over time, we will include them in the buyback system or offer them yourself on the Diamond On Line Stock Exchange, which will soon be part of Project Global Power Diamond’s portfolio.

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