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We provide our clients with the option to buy diamonds and calibrated diamonds purchased from us. We offer you a number of ways to get your money back.

1. To achieve the expected profit, we recommend that diamonds have a minimum of 3 years or more. Because diamonds are a commodity that has been steadily increasing in price for decades, you can also earn revenue by selling in a buyout. However, we offer a better option.
After the request for inclusion of a particular diamond has been sent to the RETURN SYSTEM, its authenticity and pricing will be checked. A new Certificate of Authenticity will be issued to make the diamond ready for sale. This will then be included in the RETURN SYSTEM, which means that it is preferred to be sold to a new customer. The first sale option will be used to offer your diamond for sale on pre-agreed, mutually beneficial terms.

2. The second option is to buy your diamond right away. The entire authenticity and uncertification check procedure is repeated, i. issuing a certificate and we will buy your diamond at a price of 30% to 10% under the International Price Index in the current period. Although this option is less beneficial, you have the opportunity to get your money right away, which in practice means that cash is available within 5 business days of the review procedure.

It should be noted that investing in diamonds is mainly about preserving the value of your funds. It is paramount that our savings or our capital is not lost in the ever-decreasing value of money. Purchase of precious metals and precious stones is one of the ways how to preserve their saved values ​​or to appreciate them with a suitable trend. And the trend is now.
We offer one more opportunity. If you are our client, you can create jewelry from our cut diamonds and diamonds. It can be a ring, earring, necklace, bracelet, watch, or some exclusive item of your choice.


You can use your diamonds and diamonds as gold material to make valuable jewelry, thereby immediately boosting your investment value by 30%. Often much more … depends on the type of jewelry and its design. This jewel made by us for you has a much higher value than the diamonds themselves. To increase their value by 30% or more, you only paid WORK PRICES as you are our client / client. (For more information on this service, see: “Services / Creative Investment”)

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