Savings System

Project Global Power Diamond clients have been prepared to purchase diamonds and diamonds in a regular way. The advantage of this saving is that for today’s current prices at the time of signing the Contract you can buy diamonds throughout the year. You do not have to use your funds at once, but immediately – in regular monthly installments. For the company, it means a commitment to fix prices for the whole year, a commitment on the part of the client to keep the regular monthly payments. This Client’s commitment is sufficient for the Company to secure pre-agreed gems at the current price at the time of the Contract’s entry into force.

  • One-year contract with the possibility of extension.
    (The client agrees with the gradual purchase of calibrated diamonds / diamonds in the form of regular monthly payments at an agreed rate for one year. Calibrated brilliants / diamonds are sent to the client according to a pre-agreed procedure whenever his saved amount is sufficient to purchase a given jewel.
  • Exactly defined target amount.
    (The target amount will be agreed beforehand and will be paid to the company’s account in monthly installments during the year.)
  • Precisely defined diamond / diamond order.
    (It is defined beforehand which diamonds or diamonds the client is interested in and which will be sent to him according to the agreed procedure.)
  • 1st payment / fee = option for future purchase of diamonds
    (The first payment is a future purchase option. It is retained and used to purchase the last diamond / diamond)
  • Putting an option on the company’s account fixes the price of the diamonds ordered for 1 year.
    (First Payment = Future Purchase Option is a guarantee that the client will meet the points of the Agreement and at the same time on the day of deposit on the Company’s account fixes the current price of diamonds / diamonds, so the client buys for the whole year at a price that is current on the deposit date. )
  • Regular monthly payments continue.
    (The client regularly sends an agreed amount on a monthly basis to the account of the company where he / she is gradually saving for the purchase of pre-agreed gems)
  • Once there is enough money in the account, the client will deliver the diamond to the order.
  • This is how the year continues.
  • Along with the last repayment, the option is also used to purchase diamonds, giving the client a full savings amount at fixed prices from the beginning of the contractual relationship.
  • Only in the event of non-compliance with the regularity of the savings amounts will the 1st installment be treated as a cancellation fee, thereby forfeiting the company.
  • Further savings are no longer regular repayments and the client is no longer obliged to save at regular monthly intervals.
    (If the Client violates the Contract and does not comply with the regularity of the pre-agreed installments, the option for the future purchase will be for the benefit of the Company, as a cancellation fee. This is no longer the Client’s obligation to observe the regularity or the amount of the agreed target amount. the amount saved.)
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